Sep 17 2014 ~ CharlotteGet your fill of tequila at new Mexi-Cali restaurant Bakersfield

With the recent departure of Cantina 1511 from its old post, there’s a new Mexi-Cali restaurant that seems to be taking over East Boulevard. Bakersfield is an odd mix of Johnny Cash, margaritas and...

Bakersfield logo

Mar 21 2014 ~ CharlotteBakersfield targets Charlotte’s Dilworth for Mexican eatery and bar

Mexican eatery and bar Bakersfield plans to open in Charlotte's Dilworth neighborhood in early summer.

Construction of the 4,000-square-foot restaurant — named Bakersfield East Boulevard — is slated...

Bakersfield logo

Mar 21 2014 ~ CharlotteBakersfield OTR Coming to East Blvd.

The East Blvd mystery has finally been solved. The former Longboard’s location will be back filled by Bakersfield OTR which is a restaurant originally out of Cincinnati, Ohio. Bakersfield features...